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Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name (Jesus) under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." (Acts 4;12)

Subjects covered include, Biblical Genealogy, Chronology, Prophecy, Trinity, Divinity of Christ, Sabbath, Law, Crucifixion, Anti-Semitism, Definition of a Christian, Suffering, Healing, Life’s Meaning and Answers, Spiritism, Demons, Satan, Global Warming, Bible History, Creation and more. Completely free to use, copy, print, distribute.
The author has no affiliation with any denomination, cult, sect or group.



These completely free studies are written with the intent to make you think, and study the Bible further.

First published as a series in disc format, January, 2005, and Web format, March 2006.
Copyright © 2005, 2011, & 2015. L. McMeikan

Permission is hereby granted to freely copy and or redistribute these studies for non-commercial purposes, so long as this condition is passed on with each copy.(Not to be sold for profit).
For alternative licensing, or modification, please contact the author-, Len @.

The studies are in P.D.F. format, and may be accessed by selecting and clicking on to the chosen subject:
To proceed further, scroll to subject’s index, then click on desired page number, or scroll through.
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Want to know when Adam was created, or at what time many other Bible characters lived, or when many great bible events occurred? Do you want to know God’s prophetic plan? Look it up in a study of Genealogy, Chronology, Creation and Prophecy.
InStudy # 1; Past, Present, and Future.

Are you having difficulty in understanding the Trinity, or the divinity of Christ? The answers are to be found in this study of The Trinity, and The Divinity of Christ.
In .Study # 2; The Triune God

Don’t know whether or not you should keep the Sabbath, or what part the Ten Commandments play in the Christian’s life? - Having problems understanding the purpose of the Covenants and Dispensations? Look them up in the study of the Sabbath, The Law, and Related Subjects.
In  Study # 3; The Sabbath.

Which day was Christ crucified on? The facts may surprise you! Look it up in this brief study of the week, ending in the Crucifixion and Resurrection.
In  Study# 4; Eight of the Most Important Days.

Can a Christian be anti-Semitic? Find out in this study of Anti-Semitism.
In Study # 5; Can a Christian be Anti-Semitic?

There are many definitions of a Christian. Look up what the Bible says.
In  Study # 6; How do we define a Christian?

Can’t understand why Christians suffer in this life? Under what circumstances if any, does God heal Christians today? A study on suffering. Look up the answers.
In  Study # 7; Why Me?

Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Look up the answers.
In  Study # 8; The Meaning of Life.

Want to know the truth about Satan, demons, ghosts. - Do Christians become angels? What is the role of angels? - Can Christians get involved with astrologers, and fortune tellers etc.? Find out.
In Study # 9; The Spiritual Realm.

Global Warming/Climate Change - , Can we believe our politicians? - Is it of man or of God? See for yourself.
In  Study # 10; Climate Change/Global Warming.

Do you know how we got our English Bible? Its history is interesting.
Are you concerned about the many versions / translations?
How accurate and reliable is it?
Find out,
In Study # 11; Bible History and  Reliability.
Creation verses Evolution, but no conflict with genuine science.
See what the Bible really says about Creation,
In Study # 12; Genesis Creation Account.

With the exception of Study # 1, which uses the Apostolic Bible Polyglot, a new English translation from the Septuagint LXX, all other Scripture references and quotes used in these studies are taken from the New King James Version of the Bible. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson,Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved,

It is anticipated that further studies will be available at a later date. (God willing).

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